Simple isiZulu Greeting with Audio

Simple isiZulu Greeting with Audio


Sanibona Bafundi! Here’s a quick greetings lesson with Audio, play the audio and read the script a few times over.


Sawubona sisi!

Hello Sister!


-Yebo, sawubona sisi!

Yes, hello sister!



How are you?


-Ngiyaphila, wena unjani?

I am well, and how are you?


Nami ngiyaphila, ngiyabonga.

I am also well, thank you.


-Ngubani igama lakho?

What is your name?


Igama lami nguEllen, wena ungubani igama lakho?

My name is Ellen, and what is your name?


-Igama lami nguDani.

My name is Dani.


Ngiyajabula ukukwazi Dani.

I’m happy to meet you Dani.


-Nami ngiyajabula ukukwazi.

I’m also pleased to meet you.


Hhawu, kunomoya namhlanje!

Wow, it’s windy today!


-Yebo, kuyabanda!

Yes, it’s cold!


Wasifundaphi isiZulu?

Where did you learn isiZulu?


-Ngasincela ebeleni.

I got it from my mother.


Angizwa… Ngicela uphinde…

I didn’t hear… Please repeat…


-Ngithe ngasincela ebeleni!

I said I got it from my momma!


O, ungumZulu phaqa!

Oh, you’re a real Zulu!


-Yebo, ngingumZulu phaqa!

Yes, I’m a real Zulu!


Hhayi, sala kahle sisi!

Ok, stay well sister!


Hamba kahle!

Go well!


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  1. Zamani, I am delighted at the material you have been posting for the past 2 years. Thank you so much! It is a very valuable resource for a beginner like myself. I have been downloading your audio files, starting with your oldest and progressing towards the newest. I have loaded them onto my ipod, and I listen to them while I am driving.

    In the case of videos, I have converted them to “audio only” so I can do the same. I have also printed the transcripts that go with them, and I refer to them when something is unclear.

    My enthusiasm about learning Zulu is very high, and you have provided a valuable resource to help facilitate my interest.

    Please keep up the amazing work!!

    Daniel from New York

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