Annie’s day                                   – Usuku lukaAnnie

Annie’s day – Usuku lukaAnnie

Usuku lukaAnnie Class Recap Podcast

B: Belunjani usuku lwakho Annie?

How was your day Annie?

A: Beluluhle.

It was good.

B: Wenzeni namhlanje?

What did you do today?

A: Bengibhala kakhulu.

I was writing a lot.

B: Hhawu, ububhala ini Annie?

Ah, what were you writing?

A: Bengibhala incwadi.

I was writing an incwadi.

B: O, usho incwadi yeposi?

Oh, you mean a post letter?

A: Cha, bengibhala ibhuku.

No, I was writing a book

B: O, sithini isihloko sencwadi?

What is the title of the book?

A: Sithi: “Debating Women’s Citizenship eNdiya”

It says: …

B: Hhawu, halala!

Wow, congratulations!

To Students:

Uthisha: Bafundi, wenzeni uAnnie namhlanje?

Abafundi: UAnnie ubebhala. Annie was writing.

Uthisha: O, ubebhala ini? Oh, what was she writing?

Abafundi: Ubebhala incwadi. She was writing a book.

Uthisha: Incwadi enkulu noma incwadi encane? A big book or a small book?

Abafundi: Incwadi enkulu. A big book.

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