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I started learning at University and quickly discovered a whole new way of being, no longer putting my head down and passing by the person on the street, all the while avoiding eye contact; but excited to meet them and share a happy, laughter filled, sometimes incredulous “What?! Where did you learn to speak Zulu like that?!” conversation.

I’ve been teaching isiZulu since 2011, after completing my BA in isiZulu. I learnt most of my Zulu through speaking to people on the street while studying (I was an exceptionally lazy student), security guards and anyone who would listen. 

I’ve come across this storytelling way of learning and teaching languages. I’ve taught myself French, a little Thai and most of my Spanish and have developed my Zulu further, to a near Native level by using this storytelling technique on myself. And so I’ve taken what I’ve learnt while studying languages, and use that to try to get into my students’ heads and try to figure out which is the best way I can most effectively teach a construct, the easiest and most efficient way for them to acquire the language.

I also now do interpreting and translating for various companies, and I get a real kick out of people asking me when they see me for the first time, “Ah, so you’re that Zulu guy we were speaking to on the phone!”

So come on, jump on board and join me on this Zulu learning adventure!

Hamba kahle Mngani!

Bryan Stone

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